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100% Financing for Purchase and Rehab With No Down Payment
You’re a pro at what you do, and we value that expertise. As a building expert, you know what it takes to manage a project well and get it to completion. Have you ever considered leveraging that experience for your own portfolio by purchasing, fixing and flipping real estate? We're an experienced private lender with unique 100% financing loans. We make it easy to add to your revenue and put more money in your pocket.
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Keep as much cash in your pocket as possible when you get a loan for 100% of the purchase price and rehab costs, up to 70% of ARV (after-rehab value). This is one of the most unique lending products around.

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You don’t need prior experience investing in real estate to qualify.
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100% Financing
No money down
No experience required
Prequalify in 5 minutes
Cash back options
Close a loan in as little as 15 days
Fix & Flip Premier Loans
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We believe in saying YES to your real estate investment loan using our commonsense underwriting approach. While banks can have very rigid lending policies, our business is different. We take a holistic view in our underwriting process, and we’re experts in the real estate investment market. All of our lending decisions are made in-house using our commonsense criteria and vast experience in real estate lending.


You’ll find we consider your expertise as well as your financial situation, and then we take a unique approach to every loan decision. Because every project really is different.


We make it easy and FAST to get the financing you need. You can prequalify in just 5 minutes, and get your funds is just 2 weeks.


So go ahead, put your professional building and construction experience to work for your own real estate investment portfolio. We’re here to get you started right now!


It takes just 5 minutes to apply!

Client Testimonial
Property Description: Quad
Original Property Appraisal: $100,000
Purchase Price: $193,400
Rehab Cost: $110,000
RFG 100% Loan Amount: $303,550
Value After Rehab: $467,000
Monthly Rents After Rehab: $4,500
“I feel like RFG has grown with me. When I was first learning the flipping business, they had me focus on single-family homes. After I had some successes, I brought a mixed-use property to them with the first-floor commercial space. They listened to my plans and approved my loan!”

Angelo G., Philadelphia, PA