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Efficacy & Compliance Testing Results

Our CerroZone mobile device has gone through extensive testing to prove both its effectiveness against a wide range of airborne pathogens and its safety. The chart below gives a quick summary of our various efficacy and compliance testing. Full third-party reports can be made available after execution of a binding non-disclosure agreement. Contact if interested.


Organization/Third PartyTestResults
ARE LabsVolatile Organic Compound (VOC) ReductionUp to 100% reduction in 1 hour or less (view report)
ARE LabsReal World Biological Air Sampling Case StudiesUp to 52% total microbe reduction (view report)
SafeTracesMulti Sampling In-Situ Measuring eACH+3.2 eACH to +6.3 eACH (view report)
ARE LabsASHRAE 241-2023 Standard – Mobile UnitFull compliance (view report)
ARE LabsASHRAE 241-2023 Standard – Mini UnitFull compliance (view report)
MRI GlobalEffectiveness on LIVE Covid-19 virus – Delta variant99.998%+ reduction in 1.2 seconds
ARE LabsEffectiveness on surrogate Covid-19, RNA and MS2 viruses99.999957%+ reduction (view report)
ARE LabsAerosolized Mold Reduction Efficacy99.99% reduction (view report)


Organization/Third PartyTestResults
FDA510(k) Class II Medical Device Clearance (view listing)
IntertekUL 867
IntertekCSA C22.2
IntertekUL 2998 (“Zero Ozone” designation) – Mobile Unit (view report)
IntertekUL 2998 (“Zero Ozone” designation) – Mini Unit (view report)
IntertekIEC 60601-1-2
IntertekAIM 7351731
IntertekAHAM AC-2 Sound Testing50 Decibels (dB) +/-2, 4.64 Sones
CARBClearance to sell air cleaning device (view listing)