Focused on Advancing Health Equity & Wellness

Who We are

Spectrum Foundation was created to support and invest health and wellness resources as needed to enhance the communities served by Spectrum Health Services, Inc. The foundation’s primary purpose is to operate to further the mission of Spectrum Health, which includes elevating the quality of community health care, reducing disparities in access to needed wellness services, and supporting initiatives that ultimately contribute to higher qualities of life for community residents. 

Happiness Begins with Good Health and Wellness

What we do

To accomplish these goals and others, the foundation seeks to seed new ancillary initiatives that will directly or indirectly improve the community itself, such as green spaces earmarked for exercise purposes or neighborhood watch programs to increase area safety; to fund identified best practices that would benefit from more capital; and to expand existing health care programs.

Our partnerships support appropriate ancillary programs and activities that will improve the health and well-being of our patients and community. 

Laying the Foundation to Good Health and Wellness


Expanding the reach and availability of our services through partnerships, collaboration, and the development of satellite locations to better service our community.

Assisting with the prevention of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease by ensuring all children and families have access to nutritious foods, and are informed and assisted regarding how to decrease their use of addictive and toxic products.

Addressing mental health concerns through a system of care in which professional treatment programs, along with family, individual, and other resources, allow people to manage their own conditions and build self-resilience.

Tackling food and nutrition insecurity by ensuring all children and families have access to nutritious, affordable, and healthy appropriate food.




Whats New?

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Spectrum Foundation for Health Equity and Community Impact

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